The Time has Come to Think Solar Power for Your Home!

Solar Power is changing our world day cheap binary options trading by day with more people everyday embracing this abundant source of clean energy. And you can too! The information on this website is all about encouraging people to think Solar and providing them with the powerful, practical and affordable means to do so.

Home Solar Power

There are three main reasons people Think Solar: To save the environment, to save money, because it is so portable and versatile.

But there are many more reasons for going solar than just these. By going solar, not only are you helping to save energy and make our world a better place but you are are also making a potentionally lucrative investment binany trade. With energy bills set to skyrocket, and fuel supplies destabalising by the day, there really has never been a better time to Think Solar for your home!

Why Solar power?

The numerous and highly persuasive arguments in favor of Solar power a few of which I have listed below. The first and perhaps the most obvious is of course the environmental advantages which come predominately from a drecreased dependency on fossil fuels which can only be a good thing from whatever aspect you look at it. Another advantage is scalabilty and modularity which refers to the fact that solar panels are extremely versatile with regards to size, mobility and power generation: they can cover a football pitch or a watch face. Solar panels and solar plants are, contrary to popular belief, location independant which means they can be built (and taken) anywhere they are required binary options platform (including gloomy England) which reduces unnecessary environmental destruction and expensive infrastructure requirements.

What this means for you

All of this makes a highly feasable argument for the increased use of solar energy and as technology improves, this arguments only gets stronger. But what does this mean for you? Well, put simply, it means that this abundant, modern and clean energy source can be used to turn you home into a cutting edge, clean and profitable mini power station.

4 Good Reasons to Get Solar Panels Fitted to Your Home

1. Recent developments in the industry have made Solar Panels Cheaper and more efficient than ever.

2. The installation of panels to your home is one of the simplest home improvements you can ever make and takes less than a day.

3. Not only save money but actually make money by selling power back to the national grid.

4. Cut Your reliance on fossil fuels leading to both a cleaner enviroment and a big step closer to self sufficiency.

Is it worth getting Solar Panels?

This is perhaps one of the most common question I get asked here at think solar power! and it highlights people's big uncertainty about taking the step away from traditional fuels and towards green technologies.

The answer is yes, it is worth getting solar panels, let us take a look at some key facts to see exaclty why:

Some Key Facts

Approximately every 13 minutes the sun sends to earth more energy than the the entire world uses in a year. And will continue to do so for another 5 Billion years.

Home solar power panels currently run at about 13% efficiency which may sound bad but it really is not when considering a light bulb only runs at 4%!

A Home Solar Kit made up of about 12 Solar panels can generate, depending on various factors, between 1500 and 1800 Kilowatt hours per year. That is nearly 1600 kilos of carbon Dioxide per year. The average household in the west uses approximately 6-7000 Kilowatt hours per year so as you can see it can take a big chunk of your energy bill.

In some countries such the Uk the government actually pays you to produce solar electricity whether you use it or not. At the moment this is 21p per kWh, which means an average income of £550 for the average household on top of the energy bill savings.

Why We Have to Change

Regardless of you beliefs about global warming, there really is no question as to the damage that we humans are doing to our home, planet earth. Everyday we are bombarded with saddening news about melting ice caps, shifting weather patterns and species going extinct.

Traditional fuels such as oil, gas and coal are bad for the enviroment there is no question about this. There are also concerns about the validity of these fuels coming from things such as rising costs, scarcity, dependance on supplies from a limited number of countries and environmental damage through extraction, refinement, distribution and burning.

Everything we do depends on oil. Plastic is made form oil, your food was harvested, processed, packaged and transported using oil, your lights, heating and cooking all run on fossil fuels. Car, planes, trains, trucks are all manufactured using tonnes of oil and then continue to burn oil until they become for the rest of thier live's. It is almost an absolute certainty that everything in your home got there by means of oil. And here in lies the problem! What happens when oil runs out which now even the most optimistic speculators consider to be in our or maybe our children's lifetime. What do we do then?

The world is slowly waking up to the idea that things have to change. Our oil based economy is no longer sustaibable and is destroying our world. Slowly but surely 'alternative' and 'green' energy sources are catching on and solar power is establishing itself as a powerful, solid and reliable runner in this revolution.

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