Solar String Lights

Solar string lights have become extremely popular over thepast few years becuase of thierportablity and cost effectiveness. They run using a free and abundant power from the sun so after the initial purchase they won't cost you anything to run. They are also extremely portable as they do not need to be plugged into a traditional power source. This means no cables which gives solar string lights a big advantage: they can be anywhere.

Uses of string lights

String lights are amazing mood setter and are used predominately as a decorative light fitting. You might for example wish to lay them around your patio, up a tree or to light a garden path etc. The uses of solar string lights are limited only by your imagination.Some people choose to use thier string lights only at Christmas time where they line the roof tops of their houses' with them.

hanging balls, solar string lights

Different types of solar string lights

As we discussed above, string lights are nearly always used as a decorative feature used for adding decoration or mood to certain areas. Becuase of this, there are now thousands of different type and styles of string lights available. Different lengths, bulbs, patterns, colours and shapes. Have a look at some of the different examples of string lights below.

Standard solar string lights

In my garden I have these standard white light solar string lights because personally I think they look the best. I've got them wrapped around a tree at the bottom of my garden which is too far away to plug into my home power without traipsing ugly cables all over the place.

standard white solar string lights, tree


Fairy lights come in many different types and styles like this solar powered net of lights which can beused for covering walls, hedges and garden fences. Solar net lights come in many different sizes, obviously themore bulbs the bigger the solar panel and the battery are.

net solar string lights

Special string lights

Solar string lights now come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and patterns like these beautiful lights on the left. Other designs include small Christmas tree, butterflies, pumpkins and so on.

special solar string lights

Solar christmas lights

As I mentioned before, most people use solar string lights around Chirstmas. This is mainly because they really don't want to deal with the hassle of conventional lights and a highly inflated electricity bill at a time of year when money is already tight.

Solar blue Christmas string lights
solar string lights
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How does it work?

Solar string lights are essentially made up of four main components, each with a vital role to play.

The solar panel is what turn sunlight into power. Manufacutuers realised that most people use string lights in the winter when there is lessenergy from the sun so the solar panels are usually a bit larger than those of solar powered garden lights for example.

The battery varies in size depending on how many lights it needs to power. It is usually a handful of rechargable AA batteries which may need replacing on a yearly basis or for much larger setups you will likely have 12 volt batterys.

A photo resister is also installed which is a small device whose task it is to turn the lights on and off automatically. It does this by detecting how much daylight there is available. On more expensive systems the photo resister can be adjusted to come on earlier or alter.

Once dark enough, power from the battery goes to the light bulbs which are usually LED and powers them until there is no power left. Mostquality solar string light systems will maintain enough power in the battery to last for most of the night.

You may also find that you have an on/off switch which you can use for when you go on holiday etc.

How much maintainence do they need?

Solar string lights don't need anyextra maintainence apart from repacing dead light bulbs (except for LEDs which can't be replaced). Batteries also have a limitedlife span as they simly can't handeled being charged and discharged again and again.After a year or two you may find a decrease in performance which probably means that it is time to to place the batteries.

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