Solar Powered Garden Lights

People have been using solar powered garden lights for many years now simply because it is by far the most cost effect and hassle free way of doing so. There are no cables to bury, no increase in power bills and just generally no hassle or stress involved SImply unwrap your lights, walk into the garden and push them into the ground wherever you want them.

The light bulbs used are usually very low wattage sothey don't even need much sunlight to charge them up. This means that they work all winter, under cloudy skies and they work well, to a certain, under a small amount of undergrowth.

Solar Garden Lights in Garden

Your options

Because of the booming popularity of solar powered garden lights, they now come in a mirage of dazzling colors, sizes and designs.

Different colors

Solar garden lights come in almost every color you can imagine meaning that you can get exactly the effect you want for you garden. Some solar lights even come with options to continuously or periodically change colours.

Colourful Solar Powered Garden Lights


As I previously mentioned solar powered garden lights come in a huge range of different styles including classic and modern and different shapes like animals and other objects.

The lights in the right are some of my favorite. They are modern and slick and would look good in almsot any garden.

small smart solar powered garden lights


When one things of solar garden lights they usually think of those small push in the ground ones but actually they can come in a multitude of sizes like the ones in the picutre below the size of street lamppost.

Solar Powered garden Lampposts

How solar powered garden lights work

These lights work extremely simply and they have three basic components: the battery, the solar panel, a photo resister and the bulb istself.

The the photo voltaic cells in the small solar panel converts light into electrcity which is then used to charge the battery (usually a AA Nicad). When the sunsets the photoresister detects the lack of light and switches the bulb (usually LED or halogen) on.

This is basically how solar lights work. For more information follow this link to how does solar power work.

Of course the benefits of solar power are amazing but sometimes you may find the sun can get a bit too much so take a look at solar window shades for a bit of respite.

Bigger lights

For those of you wanting large lights for your garden go to this link about solar powered lights. With larger lights, the deal is pretty much the same but you may have a bit more to do with regards to installation but after that you can just forget about your lights and let them do their thing.

Nice Solar Powered Garden Lights

How long do solar garden lights last?

Solar powered garden lights can last for a very long time. Most units have a manufacturers warranty of about 1 year. Your lights will probably stay fully functional for about 2 years after which you may start to notice a decline in performance.

This is usually the fault of the battery which just can't handle be charged and recharged so many times. Usually the battery is a simple AA so it can be easily and cheaply replaced.

The solar panels themsleves will last for an extremely long time. In fact nobody really knowshow long solar panels last because the first ones built are still producing power almost 40 years later!

The light bulb my need replacing as like most bulbs they have a limited life span. If it is a LED then it can't be replaced but to be honest will probably last longer than you anyway!

Solar bird feeders and Lanterns

if you're looking to light your garden in a unique and interesting way then why not consider employing the use of a solar bird feeder. These rather charming items light up your garden with soft LED lights at night while attracting all sorts of interesting wildlife during the day.

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