Solar Powered Flood Lights

This page is all about solar powered flood lights, high powered lights for outdoor areas which run using a completely abundant, free and renewable resource of energy.

Running your flood lights on the power of the sun can save a small fortune off your power bill as well as cutting your carbon emissions as well.

Advatnages of solar flood lights

The advantages of using solar power to run your flood lights are massive:

  • Save money of your fuel bill
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your dependency on the grid
  • Avoid future fuel price hikes and supply instability
  • Stay lit in blackouts
  • Portability: no more unnecessary cables
  • Locate your flood lights anywhere you like

The only disadvantage of solar powered flood lights is the problem of battery life. On full power (most systems have high and low power options) you will likely only get about 6 or 7 hours of sunlight unless it has been really sunny all day in which case you will get more.

Other advantages include the durability of solar flood lights. Most modern lamps now use several LED bulbs which last for up to 25 years. The solar panel will probably last longer than that but you may need to change the battery every three or four years depending on when you notice a decline in performance.

Sizes and powers

Solar flood lights come in range of different sizes and powers. Of course the bigger and more powerful the light is then the more it will cost and the bigger the battery and solar panel will be. Solar powered flood lights are generally just as bright as traditional flood lights so don't worry about being in the dark. Here are some examples of different types and sizes of flood lights and what they can power.

Astron solar flood light

This floodlight is at the high end of the market and costs about $200.

It has a remote control, 8 hour illumination time on an average charge or 12 hours on a full charge. It uses 40 LEDs which run of a 12v 3Ah NiMH Battery with 36Wh capacity.

This is charged by a 10 watt solar panel which is enough to charge the battery even on an overcast day. It has the equivalent brightness of a standard 100 watt halogen light bulb.

Evo36 solar flood light

This model is a the lower end of the price spectrum at about $90. It is also one of the brightest lights available.

Unlike the model above, the Evo36 (it has 36 LEDs) has a motion sensor which is used to trigger the light. There is also an on/off switch. The light uses a 2 watt solar panel and an internal Li-ion 2200mAh battery.

The battery and solar panel are smaller as it is not meant for continuous use like the Astron above.

solar powered flood light
evo36 solar powered floodlight, in use

Uses of solar powered floodlights

People use flood lights for a mirage of different reasons and the addition of solar power increases their versatility and uses tenfold because with solar power, flood lights do not need to be anywhere near a power socket or conventional power source.

The term flood light is used because you are essentially flooding an area with light. Some of the uses of solar powered flood lights include:

  • Stage lighting
  • Filming/photography in remote places
  • Security
  • Yard lighting
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Construction sites
  • Sports events
  • Horse stables

This list is of course not exhausted and I am sure you can find several other uses for flood lights. Most people use them to light their backyard or in front of their shed etc.

ground based solar powered flood light, high power

Save money

There is no question that flood lights which run on fossil fuel unnecessarily inflate your power bill. Even if you want a flood light to use as a security measure so it comes on via the control of a motion sensor you can still end up burning a lot of power. And that is why Solar powered flood lights are becoming more and more popular.

Do it yourself

If your are serious about going solar then take a look at our DIY solar power page where you can make your entire home run on solar yourself and for a lot less than you might think.

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