Solar Powered Christmas Lights

In recent years, solar powered Christmas lights have become extremely popular around the world because of the huge advantages that solar power offers. Solar power means a clean and renewable source of power which can be utilized cheaply and efficiently in practically any location. This makes it perfect for Christmas lights, it means no more restrictions to where you put your lights and the end of endless miles of cables everywhere.

Different types of Christmas lights

The choice you have when chooing solar Christmas lights are truly mind boggling. One of the most popular types is of course solar string lights which can be run pretty much anywhere like along the top of a roof, wrapped around a tree at the bottom of the garden or around your patio. Other Solar Christmas lights include lanterns, net lights, reindeer and Santa Claus. Of course there are a always loads of novelty Christmas lights.

solar power string lights

Converting you existing Christmas lights

There is of course always the option of getting your current Christmas lights to run on Solar power. This can be done easily and affordably and can save you money for years to come. Either by buying a solar power generator or by building your own solar panel system (which is cheaper) you can simply plug you lights straight in to your new clean, abundant and free energy source. You also have the added bonus of using your new system for the rest of the year as well.

How solar powered Christmas lights work

Solar powered Christmas lights use four main components to run efficiently. The first part and perhaps the most obvious is the solar panel. This converts energy from the sun into electricity which is then sent to a battery. The battery charges all day and then when the sun drops the photo resister (light detecter) lets the battery know that it has to wake up at which point it starts sending power to the lights, usually bright LEDs.

solar powered Christmas riendeer

Novelty solar lights

Novelty solar lights are not unique to just Christmas but can make a lovely addition to your garden or outside area any time of year. These novelty lights come in a mirage of different styles and types like this solar powered motorcycle.

novelty motorbike light, garden, christmas
solar powered Christmas light

The downside of solar power

Solar lights do have a slightly lower performance level when compared to those run on mains. This mainly comes from the fact that solar panels need the sun to create power and in the middle of the winter there is a lot less of it. On a cloudy day your solar panels may fail to charge a battery enough for your to lights to last all night. Of course this small ownside is nothing to the advantages of solar power!

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