Solar Flag Pole Lights

People use solar flag pole lights mainly because solar power means instant, clean and efficient power anywhere without the need for mains power. Solar energy is free and can be located anywhere you like (as long as it is in the sun) while offering the massive advantage of not needing miles of cables and unnecessarily high energy bills.

Any size

Solar flag pole lights can be used to light any size flag poles from those on top of your car, outside your bedroom window to those seen at military parades and football matches.

ncie solar lit flag, us

Standard flag lighting

The Solar powered flag pole lights shown in these two images is a 60 LUX, LED light and has a solar power system which can stay illuminated for about 12 hours. It fits flag pole sizes of up to three inches.

The batteries used in most solar power flag pole lights are mAH NI-CD and are used in most solar appliances. They generally need replacing once every two years. The LED bulbs will last for approximately 20 years and the solar panel even longer.

Hidden solar flag pole lights

The image below shoes a pretty unique solar flag pole light which actually sits right at the top of a flag pole and lights the flag from above. Pretty smart! A system like this costs between $70 and $100. On a sunny day the solar panels can charge the battery enough to power the lights for about 30 hours, less on a cloudy day but definitely enough.

hidden solar flag pole light

Ground based solar power flag pole lights

For flag poles which are lower to the ground it can be perfectly feasible to have the flag lit from the ground, the advantage of which is of course is the opportunity to use a much larger and brighter light.

The light on the right is essentially a high powered flood light. It utilizes 108 LEDs and can be used for many other things including lighting monuments, shop fronts, homes, signs, billboards etc.

Other features include a photoreister (light detector) which switches the power on automatically. An 18V, 10 watt solar panel and a12 volt battery. The option to switch between high and low power: 5 hours of high powered light or 10 hours at half power. Heavy duty casing.

ground based solar flag pole light
groundbased solar flag pole light kit

Another Alternative

Investing in or building your own solar power generator is another way to light up your flag pole while creating enough power to light your home in emergencies, keep your heating on in a snow storm as well as your beers cold on a fishing trip. Follow the link for more information.

US flag code

It is customary to have an American flag displayed from dawn to dusk, sunrise to sunset but there is nothing in the code against having the flag displayed at night as long as it is illuminated. Don't forget that the US flag should be saluted as it is raised and lowered and it should never touch the ground!

high powered solar flag pole light

The advantages

Solar Powered flag poles offer big advantages over conventional lighting. For one, it is a clean and renewable energy source meaning that it will never run out (well, at least not or another 5 billion years) and it is non polluting.

The other big advantage of solar power is of course the fact that it is free. This means that your energy bills are not going to grow when you start lighting your flag. Incorporating solar power into other areas of your life could eventually mean that you cut your fuel bill by 50% - 100% as well as your dependence on unstable, polluting and expensive fossil fuels. There has never been a better time to Think Solar Power!

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