Home Made Solar Panels

A home made solar panels project is a great way to spend a weekend and a cheap way to cut your power costs.

A solar panel can be built easily in a weekend and and you may be surprised at how little it costs you.

Right: A failed DIY solar project

I already have a home solar power system which I love but it did admittedly cost me a lot of money. While building this website, I came across a lot of articles about building home made solar panels. So being the give-it-a-go type of guy I am, I thought why not!

And the result:.... A big fat Fail.

Admittedly I am not the best DIYer as I'm not so good at following directions. While I ended up with something which actually resembled a solar panel, it didn't actually work and I threw the whole thing out in frustration. The end..

But wait..!

I was actually planning to write about my massive failure here and wanted to contact some other people who had tried. I somehow got in touch with a guy called Terry who said that he had actually built an entire home solar power system which now saves him about 75% off his power bill.

After failing big time trying to put together just one solar panel, I was pretty dubious.

Terry pointed me in the direction of the home made solar panel guide he used, which I then bought and low and behold, after a week and roughly $200 I had massively extended my home solar power system to the point where I now create about 25% more energy than I use!


I was understandably ecstatic and thought I'd better let my website visitors know about this amazing guide. So here it is..

The guide

The guide is known as Earth4energy and to date it has helped over 50000 people just like me and you to save a fortune off their power bills year after year.

Below: A screenshot from the Earth4energy video showing how a solar panel should be built.

home made solar panel, construction

Total cost

This DIY home energy guide claims that a complete system can be built for under $200. I found that this is not entirely true and I actually ended up spending a total of about $280.

Considering that my previous 2.2kWh system cost me over $7000 only 18 months earlier I was pretty annoyed I hadn't found Terry before!

diy solar panel, shed

The materials

The home made solar panels in this guide can be built entirely from materials found in your local hardware and electrical stores.

If you want to build a bigger system than the one in the guide you may want to consider buying a good quality inverter and some more batteries which will cost you a bit more money.

What you get

This Earth4energy guide has been extremely well put together and comes with clear, step by step directions, pretty good customer support, videos and loads of free 'green energy' ebooks. It is a pretty good buy and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee!

completed home made solar panels

Above: Finished solar panels which when combined with a small windmill produces about 70% of my energy requirements.

If you want to speak to anyone about this guide then feel free to contact me. To buy the guide to saving thousands, go to Earth4energy.

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