Build Your Own Solar Panel

If you have decided to build your own solar panel then before we begin I suggest you proceed with an air of caution. While many people have built solar panels for themselves, they are often very inefficient and don't last that long.

Self build panel issues

  • Some of the most common problems you may encounter when you build your own solar panel are as follows:
  • Failure after some weeks due to moisture penetration
  • Low quality solar cells which are often chipped and broken
  • Fire risk: Poor soldering can create 'cold solder joints' which get very hot and can pose a fire hazard.

These issues can easily be avoided by following a decent quality guide which can help you with every aspect of building a solar panel from how to solder, how to seal and how to build it safely.

Safety first

Building a solar panel at home can be great and fun project to complete and it can also help you to save money off your power bills. But beware: this task is not for everybody, it is important have some basic knowledge of how solar power works as well as some previous DIY experience.

It is also recommended you ask an electrician to make sure your solar panel is safe before you fix it to you roof and connect it too your home.

Follow a proven recipe

When you start to build your own solar panel it is important that you stick to a well proven and established path like the one at earth4energy.

A quality guide such as this costs about $50 can show you exactly how to build your own solar panel professionally and safely.

Remember: don't be a fool!

Your panels will take you some time to build and will hopefully last you for at least 20 to 30 years so there is no point in skimping on something as basic decent instructions.

The guide mentioned above includes many vital resources including:

  • Sizing and power calculator
  • Easy to follow video guides
  • Tax and government rebate information
  • 60 day money back garrauntee
  • What to look for when buying solar cells

What you can learn

This guide shows you everything you need to know about building your own solar panels including:

  • Soldering wires and connections
  • Buy solar cells
  • Testing you panel
  • Encapsulate cells
  • Wire it all togeher
  • Tab and bus ribbons
  • Make a quality metal frame
  • Moisture prevention
  • Heat distribution

You will also learn what tools you will need to build your own solar panel and where you can buy all of the materials you need.

How long does it take

The whole process doesn't take too long and you can have a panel built in under two days. To build an entire system which can be plugged into batteries and your home is a bit more complicated and will take you about a 4 days of work.

How much does it cost

People have varying reports of costs but an individual solar panel can be built for about $120 to $180. In reality however that cost is a lot less as your solar panels will continue to save you money for its entire life. Once you've added the $50 of the guide to this price you can expect the solar panel to pay for itself in 1 year to 18 months.

The next step

With everything above in your mind you can go ahead and build your own solar panel safely and professionally while saving yourself a help of cash at the same time.

The advantage of do this yourself is that you can continue to add solar panels to your system making it more and more powerful each and very time, to the point where you are completely self sufficient and off grid!

So what are you waiting for.. get building!

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